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Aromatic Compounds

Successfully attaining 99 % of the purity, Aromatic Compounds are largely demanded fro their unmatchable aromatic qualities. It is used in applications like aromatic compounds and has a boiling point of 363 degrees Celsius at 760 mm Hg. Molecular formula of the product is C9H6Na2O4 and has flash point noted to be as 187.5°C. The compound is also known as Disodium phenylmalonate; propanedioic acid, 2-phenyl-, sodium salt (1:2)in scientific language and is majorly used in perfumes, deodorants and various other fragrance oriented products. Aromatic compounds are very qualitative and very Eco friendly also have no side effects on human health.

D - Carvone (2244-16-8) L - Carvone (6485-40-1)
R - Limonene - 5989-27-5 S - Limonene - 5989-54-8
Storage : Dry Place
Purity : 98%
Product Type : Pure Essential Oils
Age Group : All Age Group
Feature : Fragrance Compound
Odour: : sweet pine
Appearance : water white to light amber
Storage : Dry Place
Purity : >=85%
CAS No : 586-62-9